Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I heart Pink Studio

Anthropologie does a great job of selecting brands to carry in-store. Somehow they take all these different backgrounds and blend them into one cohesive thought. As I've become more engrossed by the store I've gotten a bit better at guessing which brand submitted which piece.

One of my favorite brands is Pink Studio. Their About Us page sums up nicely why they fit so well into the Anthro fold: "Inspired by vintage clothing, hand-crafted goods, hand-sewn items, and trotting around the globe, these sisters [Lisa and Lucy Chang] are taking their love and passion for shoes to a different level."

Call me smitten. I'm especially loving the Harmony tote shown above which Anthro unfortunately does not carry. Pink Studio's line for Spring 2009 is small, selective and kinda seductive for the hand-sewn crowd.
And then there are the shoes. The Triglav Peak Peep Toes ($110) are winners by looks (and already out of stock in my size). I love the blue color of the leather. The For You Flats ($78, below) have been getting a lot of exposure on Anthro's website and I love them a bit more each time I see them. And the Sailor Stripe Heels ($98, bottom) have a match in the seersucker skirt patiently waiting for nicer weather in my closet.


jacquelyn said...

FYI, you can many of the exact same PInk studio items at the various online shoe retailers: Endless,, piperlime, etc. I've purchased many of the exact same pairs Anthro sells from these other sites, whose prices tend to be lower and they offer free shipping and returns.

Shawna said...

okay, this is off the subject, but has anyone noticed that Anthro added a little "enter promo code" button on their online checkout? Does this mean there might possible be some promos sent out to us faithful customers?!

roxy said...

*gasps* Holy cow, I have seen the promo box! And it is good. If this is new, I think it has to do with Anthro signing on with NeuStar, which is my post for tonite. Thanks much for the heads up Shawna!

jacquelyn said...

Sadly ladies, the promo box is **not** new. It's been there for a while.

I know this because I used it quite a bit last year. At one point in time they offered free shipping with certain codes, like "AUGUST" in the fall, "MOTHER" around May, etc. All required a minimum purchase.

The only way I found the codes was via

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they may offer codes again in the future!

Anonymous said...

actually the promo box used to be there when they were offering free shipping to anthro members.....then it disappeared and now it's back....