Email roundup

Monday, March 30, 2009

Anthropologie sure was talkative last week. My email was abuzz as soon as I got off the plane with news of new sale additions, groan-worthy tagline above notwithstanding. There are still some highlight items available, like the From the Ground Up Top (now $30), the Winding Lane Top (now $40) or the Starting Point Skirt (now $40).

A few days later the email was all about finishing touches aka accessories. I found the categorizations to be a bit interchangable. Romantic? Vintage? Artistic? Aren't these all words that describe Anthropologie overall as a brand? Likewise, most of the specialty page products could fall into any one of those three categories. Criticism aside I'm in love with the Full Bouquet Clip ($18) and the Blooming Bow Bag ($78). Guess that makes me a romantic.

Do you like tunics? I sure do! Even before the email about the Side-by-Side tunic ($88) and Joe Jeans Kicker ($152) I was already trying to decide which color to get the tunic in. I like the white the best I think. The Kickers are a pass for me.

I spent most of Sunday in a Dramimine haze. When I awoke I found the lovely email above. I think dresses are what Anthropologie is probably best known for. I look forward to the warm weather and the spring/summer dresses that Anthro selects each year. They have not disappointed this year with a wonderful range of romantic, vintage and artistic dresses. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Which ones do I like? Which ones don't I like? The one I want the most right now is the Rainwashed Shale Dress ($188). I think it would do well as a spring or a fall dress. Ask me tomorrow for another want.