Email: Bottoms Up

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh my goodness. I have tried to turn a blind eye to this Anthropologie but today I can condone no longer. Harem pants? Your latest email is about harem pants? Fine, let's ignore that these are harem pants for a second. How do this look fit into the Anthropologie collection? I blows my mind. Between these and cuffed jeans I'm about ready to quit on pants altogether. If acid wash makes a comeback I'm done.

Hysterically if you click through the email there is a "see what works with harems" page. The key is accenting the waist says Anthro. Sigh. If people want to wear harem pants...I can't even finish the thought. Let's just move on.

Update: Jacquelyn shares her thoughts; J'adore these stores n'adore pas des pantalons harem (Congrats Anthro, you've incited the blogosphere with all things harem!)