Monday, March 30, 2009

Dwelling Dos: Reversible Pillows

My friend the interior decorator has always held fast that you should invest in furniture for the long haul and pillows for the now. Giving away a pillow you don't like anymore, she says, is much easier than parting with a sofa. Truer words may never have been spoken to a short-term decorator like myself.

Every year or two I like to replace my pillows so I was excited to see Anthropologie's Dwelling Do #4...reversible pillows. Bored with one side? Just flip it over.

Orimono Pillow, Stripe ($78)

Anthro really gets into the details with their pillows. These pillows were made to last...maybe a pillow for all seasons? I have two Anthropologie pillows I'd bought a few years ago with a Mediterranean tile pattern that I loved to death. I used them as floor pillows, but they were too big to move into the city with me from Connecticut. I still occasionally search eBay and Craigslist to see if someone else is willing to part with a pair.

Orimono Pillow, Vines ($78)

What do you think of Anthro's pillows? Are they good enough to squeeze or do they belong in a museum?

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burntphotograph said...

i love their pillows and would definitely invest in some if we didn't have a pillow-loving beagle who thinks the couch pillows are super fun toys. :)