Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The best of what's on sale at Anthropologie: clothing

Anthropologie has updated the website sale section! The tops section seems to be the biggest beneficiary with 20 or so new items added. Some highlights:

Penna Tunic: now $50


burntphotograph said...

i bought the cloud swirl skirt, that i had been waiting ever so patiently for on sale, the drifting cumulus tee in ivory, and i went ahead and bought the avocado & lime tank at FP becuase i have been thinking about since i first saw it. it's so me!

Blondmoma said...

I bought the Night Owl Tee- looks like fun, the New Bohemia Blouse, and the Slubbed Terry Jacket in blue which I have been waiting to go on sale forever. I am also eyeing the Chromatic Coterie Cardigan....but I think I have spent enough :(

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking about the Slubbed Terry jacket too.

BTW, finally heard about that item I ordered and the Esja blouse is on its way to me from TX!

roxy said...

Jennifer -- hooray! I hope you love the blouse and I hope it gets there soon.