Yes, Anthro birthday discounts do exist!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, hello, I said to myself checking the mail yesterday. You see there was a little brown envelope from Anthropologie for me. It was a bit larger than a credit card and had my address handwritten on the front.

Once in my apartment I opened it up to find a gauzy envelope with my one of my favorite phrases written in it.

OK, I'm down with celebrating! What are we celebrating? Aw, who cares, what is it what is it what is it??

Holy cow, it's my birthday discount!!!

Sa-weet. My favorite part of the coupon? 15% off my entire purchase. Mwahahaha. Rarely does a discount of this size come along and yes I plan to take full advantage. If I bought everything currently on my wishlist I would pay instead $2720 of $3200. I can't spend nearly that much but I will probably pick 3 or 4 wishlist items to buy.

There is of course a catch. This card won't work online. In-store only. Why? Well, online would mean a code...and codes can be shared...or maybe it's because Anthro's shopping cart is simply not built to handle promotional codes. (And if the latter is the case, that's just silly.) This is truly a bummer for Anthropologie fans overseas or not near a store. Jacquelyn recently touched on this very topic. I have a good friend living in London and she and I have worked out a pretty good deal: she buys stuff from Topshop for me until their NYC store opens, and I buy Anthro stuff for her until her two upcoming locations open.