Pretty shiny things

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Like most women, I have my nicer jewelry and I have costume jewelry. I try not to spend more than $10 on costume jewelry (thank you, H&M, American Eagle and New York & Company!). Sometimes though the mid-market gets me. Anthropologie has unveiled a bunch of appealing items in the past month. The one thing about Anthropologie jewelry is that it's really hard to distinguish between the $200 pieces and the $40 pieces. Some of their pieces are made in the USA and I don't mind paying a bit more for something made here.I've been pleasantly surprised at how much is retailing for less than $50. Below are my favorites...most under $50, a few in the triple digits.

Mountain Laurel Necklace: $158
Admittedly, I love this necklace mostly
due to the name. Mountain Laurel
is Connecticut's state flower,
and I grew up on a hill chock full of them.

Puzzler Necklace: $38
(also shown below on model)

J. Crew sold a similar necklace over the winter.

Sun-Warmed Earrings: $28
(also shown below on model)

A simple shape yet these look so elegant.

Bright Light Earrings: $28
These remind me of a backstage vanity.

Mazurka Earrings: $168
An Eastern feel with a decidedly Western twist.

Love the varying sizes of the orbs.
They look like a bunch of balloons.

The color combination of the jewels
is striking.

Blooming Gem Earrings: $148
Effect accomplished with a bunch
of semi-precious jewels.

Light Study Necklace: $38
(also shown below, full strand)

The small gem clusters look like flowers from afar,
making this piece a great dress-up accent.

Mint Drop Necklace: $34
Love the purple accent gem
and the sunny shape of this piece.