Friday, February 20, 2009

Outfits: Tilework Crops

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Tilework Crops: $88

I thought it would be nice to throw something a bit more dramatic into Outfits Week, for though I am an Anthropologie fan I often drift towards the low-key pieces. Were the trip to the Grecian islands that I daydream of actually happening these pants would easily make it into my suitcase. They're bright and cheery with a distinct Mediterranean feel.

The main issue I have with cropped pants is that they have to be the exact right length or else they either make you look too short or too tall. They certainly hit the model in the right spot. I have not seen these pants in real life yet but I am excited for whenever they do hit stores.

tilework crops option 1
I would be hesitant to try any other pattern with the crops.
There are a couple of different blue tones in this outfit
but I think it works because the pants have blue, blue-gray and green, the same color palette as the rest of the outfit. And the Switcheroo Bag ($318) just rocks.

Tilework Crops option 2
Maybe Italy should be the next trip, and you could walk
through the piazzas in this option. Or bring it back home
on the Boardwalk.

Tilework Crops option 3
Tilework Crops option 3 - by roxyturtle on
This is the fun outfit! No, you don't have to match your
shoes and your bag anymore but the Banana Cream Tote ($188)
and the Discus Leather Flats (no longer online) were too tempting.


Maggie May said...

Love those pants! And love your choices of outfits for them since I would think such a colorful pair of pants would be more limited!

Marta B. said...

I'd say I love the outfits, but I can't see them! Polyvore now blocked for me at work. Sad. I'll make sure I check them out later. Just wanted to let you know I did a post over at my blog about the presentation today for Anthro's line, Leifsdottir.

A. HOLLAND. ETC. said...

I am so glad, I've stumbled upon your site...I LOVE it! I love these outfit options and I WANT ALL OF THEM! Thanks and keep up the Anthro!

Georgia Girl said...

I spotted these pants in the latest catalog and love the fabric. They look incredibly low-hung but perhaps it is just the model or photo. I will be watching for IRL photos and your comments.

Love your site!

Down Comforter said...

Those pants are so cute! I love look #1 :)