Outfits: Tatra Vista Shell

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Tatra Vista Shell: $68

Sometimes Anthropologie really puts the glam in glamorous. Such is the case with the Tatra Vista Shell, a Grecian-style masterpiece in modal and spandex. At 26" long this shirt might be a bit tricky for those with a short torso. I was pleased that the shirt is truly the same vibrant white in real life. The fabric feels a bit slippery and when I first put it on I had to adjust the draping in the front to get it right. While not sheer from the front I did notice on visible bra strap on my right shoulder from the back, perhaps because of the way the fabric was sitting. My true size medium was a good fit. The Tatra Vista Shell is a real attention-grabber and I'd have to be in one of those confident moods to pull it off correctly. It certainly makes you feel tall, long and sleek!

tatra vista shell option 1
tatra vista shell option 1 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
With something so sleek I think simple is the key.
A pair of pinstripe trousers add length -- you might look 7 feet tall in this outfit! The Greta Houndstooth Coat is from last year but I couldn't resist throwing it in.

tatra vista shell opyion 2
tatra vista shell opyion 2 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
This outfit is dressed down glamour. Picking up where
the February catalogue left off, I added two cardigan options
-- the Loamy Hills Sweatercoat (now $160) and the Point Reyes Fog Sweater (now $120) -- that would work for a weekend shopping day or a meetup with friends. Maybe a little much for grocery shopping.

tatra vista shell option 3
tatra vista shell option 3 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
More playing with colors and textures here.
The Cicmany Skirt ($118) is also cotton but has a bit of a sheen.
I love the chunkiness of the Scarlet Mosaic Earrings ($188).