Thursday, February 19, 2009

Outfits: Tatra Vista Shell

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Tatra Vista Shell: $68

Sometimes Anthropologie really puts the glam in glamorous. Such is the case with the Tatra Vista Shell, a Grecian-style masterpiece in modal and spandex. At 26" long this shirt might be a bit tricky for those with a short torso. I was pleased that the shirt is truly the same vibrant white in real life. The fabric feels a bit slippery and when I first put it on I had to adjust the draping in the front to get it right. While not sheer from the front I did notice on visible bra strap on my right shoulder from the back, perhaps because of the way the fabric was sitting. My true size medium was a good fit. The Tatra Vista Shell is a real attention-grabber and I'd have to be in one of those confident moods to pull it off correctly. It certainly makes you feel tall, long and sleek!

tatra vista shell option 1
tatra vista shell option 1 - by roxyturtle on
With something so sleek I think simple is the key.
A pair of pinstripe trousers add length -- you might look 7 feet tall in this outfit! The Greta Houndstooth Coat is from last year but I couldn't resist throwing it in.

tatra vista shell opyion 2
tatra vista shell opyion 2 - by roxyturtle on
This outfit is dressed down glamour. Picking up where
the February catalogue left off, I added two cardigan options
-- the Loamy Hills Sweatercoat (now $160) and the Point Reyes Fog Sweater (now $120) -- that would work for a weekend shopping day or a meetup with friends. Maybe a little much for grocery shopping.

tatra vista shell option 3
tatra vista shell option 3 - by roxyturtle on
More playing with colors and textures here.
The Cicmany Skirt ($118) is also cotton but has a bit of a sheen.
I love the chunkiness of the Scarlet Mosaic Earrings ($188).


tga said...

Hello! your blog is amazing! it makes perfect sense to me.

i don't know what kinds of connections you have, but last night a bag disappeared from anthro's website. I need this bag in my life in order to go on, lol.

-is there anyway you could help me find it and maybe i could repurchase it from whomever bought it last night?

it's the: Coconut Grove Handbag
i have a picture if you'd like.
my email is

Jamie said...


Trying calling customer service and have them see if there are any left in the stores, and if that fails, keep checking the website, since returned items are sometimes relisted. Ebay's also another option.

I very much doubt Anthro would provide you with their customers' contact info.

tga said...

yeah. i know, i very much doubt that too. i've been harassing their customer service all morning. thanks

jamie, i will try ebay, though i don't have an account. *tear* i should've pounced on it when i had the chance. never again will i be this apprehensive.

jacquelyn said...

tga, Jamie is correct. Returned items do appear on the website. For example, the Nellie shoes have been sold out for a while now, but I noticed the other day that one pair in a red 9.5 was back for sale.

Or like Jamie said, called Customer Service and have them do a search for you.

roxy said...

tga, I'm happy to ask the community here to keep an eye for the Coconut Grove Bag. I don't have any contacts directly at Anthropologie though so me calling or contacting them would be no different than you.

There is a decent chance that this bag will come back into stock online or show up on eBay soon. I'll stay on the lookout, and I hope you find it!

Down Comforter said...

Some great outfits - I think #2 is my fave :)

tga said...

thank you all. i acutally found the bag. and Moyna handbags is shipping it out to me this week.

the bag was made by Moyna.

roxy said...

Good news tga! Congrats.