Outfits: Isabella Skirt

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

I'm trying to decide what I think the pattern of the Isabella Skirt ($78) reminds me of. A Mediterranean medallion? A sun? A sun dial?? Anthropologie calls it a royal Alhambra print. This skirt made me swoon as soon as I saw it. I discovered the other day that this skirt is kind of short at 19"...it hits me mid-thigh. The shape reminds me of a tennis skirt in many ways. It is sitting in my closet now waiting for warmer weather and tanner legs.

isabella skirt option 1
isabella skirt option 1 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
I love how many colors you can mix and match with this little skirt.
I chose J.Crew's ruffle short sleeve henley ($40) here.
(I cheated, I know, I'm sorry.)
This outfit makes me feel ready for a visit to an art gallery or museum.

isabella skirt option 2
isabella skirt option 2 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
I'm not sure how I feel about denim jackets but it certainly
polishes off this look well. Odille's Esja Blouse (now $40) was
a bit too short on me in real life but Chloe looked fantastic in her blog review. Can't wait for the Blooming Tendril Necklace ($188) to go on sale.

isabella skirt option 3
isabella skirt option 3 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
This outfit is all about making the skirt the star.
Use the Many Mirrors Tote ($248) to hold everything
you need for a spring or summer shopping day. Is it May yet?