Outfits: Forefront Scoopneck

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Forefront Scoopneck: $68

I wish that I could tell you about the fabric, fit and overall feeling of the Forefront Scoopneck. Unfortunately this top hasn't made it to the stores near me so instead I will just wildly guess! (Kidding.) It looks pretty irresistible in the product photos. I think the one question will be the quality of the beading detail. If it's good; I'm in.

forefront scoopneck option 1
forefront scoopneck option 1 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
I took a guess that the tee and the Poppy's Majesty Skirt ($188)
go together. Leggings optional. This outfit would do well
in both spring and summer (at least it would here in NYC).

forefront scoopneck option 2
A weekend at the Green Market anyone?
I saw the Stormy Sea Necklace ($48) in real life
and it's pretty big. Another statement piece to be sure.
I like the shape of the gems and you could easily
swap in something smaller with this outfit.

forefront scoopneck option 3
forefront scoopneck option 3 - by roxyturtle on Polyvore.com
This option is all about mixing colors and textures, building upon
the neutral tee as the foundation piece. You could swap in
purple or orange as the pop of color here.