Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New markdowns in-store

I guess it must be the end of the pre-Spring season, because Anthropologie added a TON of new items to their in-store sale. I am not sure if this is localized to the Soho (NYC) Anthro because when I was at their 16th St location over the weekend the selection was not this good! In fact I am totally kicking myself because I would have gotten way more with my birthday discount...or maybe this is a blessing in disguise since I am down the end of my spending budget this month.

Soho had tons of new additions to their sale section. The Compass Points Tee I just got? Marked down to $35 (I am totally calling for the difference). The Tivoli Scoopneck I bought (and ended up returning)? Marked down to $51 (I rebought it in a small, which fits much better.) The Chiffchaff cardi I was waiting on? Saw it today for $60. Scarves for $10. Two whole racks of items for $40. Some of the items seem like relatively new rollouts to was so surprising that I was saying OMG while browsing the racks. I hope Anthro is OK; this worries me a bit.

Some of the items were discounted but not by much. There was a whole rack of dresses marked down about 15-20%, a whole rack of Splendid cardigans and lots of bags that I didn't recognize. I also saw a bunch of jackets, like the Origami Jacket, but didn't have time to check the price. Several items I'm eyeing were not yet on sale...I want another View From Above ($88) cardigan but it is still full price; the Curl & Twirl sweater ($88) was not on sale; the Sgraffito Squareneck ($88) is apparently never going on sale.

Many of the markdowns are not yet reflected online but I hope they will be soon. Happy hunting, and please share what's on sale at your local Anthro in the comments!


Suzi said...

I bought the Jaquard Tulip skirt from Anthropologie and two days later it went on sale for almost half off. The store was super nice and when I asked, they refunded me the difference, no questions. Considering everyone I know is on a tight budget these days, I loved it that A had no problem doing this and it keeps me coming back. :)

Jennifer said...

I still don't know the name of the seafoam green wrap sweater, but it's by Sleeping on Snow, and there's actually writing embroidered or knitted into the sweater, it says "morning dove sat by my window and I awoke." It was marked down to $30 and there were a lot of them in store. I'm not sure what to wear underneath it - today I've got a long sleeved Boden blue t-shirt underneath but if you have any other suggestions I'd welcome them!

I saw the Tivoli Scoopneck at the store and it wasn't marked down where I was shopping (Oak Brook IL). Still not marked down online either, hmmm.

Shoes and Wine said...

I live in DC and went to the Georgetown and the Tysons Galleria store today. I didn't see many new mark downs. There were some Leifsdotter jackets. Several sleeping on snow sweaters, the sparrow open cardigan. The only thing I found was the houndstooth flannel ella moss sleeveless top which I really liked. I did notice that both stores were rather sparse in new items relative to how packed the stores usually are.

Blondmoma said...

Funny, I was at the Oakbrook store too today and I didn't see any of these markdowns either. I was hoping the compass points tee was on sale but it wasn't. There were a few new springish tops but nothing that caught my eye. There were a ton of sweaters that have been there for awhile. I think they need to make a second markdown. Actually, I have been hoping a couple of sweaters online would go a second markdown because they have been on there forever-still waiting.

roxy said...

Very interesting. I tried the Rockefeller Center store today and they did not have the markdowns. I am not sure why Soho has them ahead of everyone else.

Tara said...

Thanks so much for this post. I was able to get an anthro that had a Tivoli scoopneck in stock match the $51 even though they still had it at full price!!!

I have been stalking that shirt and really appreciate you posting seeing it on sale. It took some work but $37 dollars off an $88 shirt is a great deal!

tga said...

i bought a 2998 (228) Leifsdotter dollar green trouser from anthro last wknd for 29.00. i could not believe it. i guess cause it was a size 0.

the mark downs were there, and maybe you guys could just check an item in a different state. they usually ship it out for free.