Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Getty Images**

Thanks to Marta B. for pointing out Racked's coverage of Leifsdottir's Fall 2009 presentation last week during Fashion Week here in NYC. Sadly, I did not attend. In fact I am a bad bad Anthropologiette because I didn't even know that Leifsdottir was actually Anthropologie's own in-house luxe label. My confusion stems from the fact that Leifsdottir has its own section at Bloomingdales including some items that don't make it into Anthro stores. I suppose diversifying is key these days.

Says Racked: "Although the official inspiration for the line is the medieval church and monastery of Mont Saint-Michel in France, what actually came through was something more modern, more 18th-century decrepit palais in Paris with a view of the Opéra Garnier. That said, the looks were rich and wearable, as they will actually be stocked at Anthropologie (with high price points) for Fall 2009."

I am pretty touch-and-go with Leifsdottir. This is a brand that really takes an idea and GOES FOR IT. Sometimes this loud statement is beautiful and sometimes it is a cacophony. That said I think a lot of the items from the presentation are wearable and I'm really happy to hear that they will actually be in-store for Fall 2009.

I picked out my 3 favorite looks to highlight in this post but I also love this look (minus the odd, gravity-defying hat). Which look is your favorite?

UPDATE: Looks like I would have known about Leifsdottir if I'd caught this post by Sophie over at Breakfast At Anthropologie earlier!!

**all photos by Getty Images via the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Leifsdottir page