Just thought you might like to know about...Ruche

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh search engines, look what you've gone and found for me now. Sniffing around for some past product shots last week I stumbled upon this nifty little online shop called Ruche. They call themselves a 'modern boutique with a vintage touch' and I say 'Yes please.'

The flowy dresses. The vibrant patterns. The wink and whimsy. I could easily see many pieces from this store being sold at Anthro. Apparently Ruche is online-only (brava! to that) site run out of California. And like Anthro the boutique is a co-op of handpicked items selected from independent brands.

I oohed and aahed over several of the products over on their blog look book and then decided to look around their site a bit. At first I was just looking at the products themselves but I soon noticed a pattern. Of affordability! I could not believe how fair the prices were. Tops, bottoms and dresses for around $40? Purses and shoes for the same?

I decided it was worth trying an order. After browsing for a bit I settled on the A Wrinkle in Time Ivory Dress ($33, styled above). Shipping was $5 and my order shipped next day. Best of all I love the dress! Though I had to size up to a Large I don't mind because the dress is as cute as a button. Fun and flouncy and I can't wait to wear it.

No doubt I'll be going back for more. If they had a wish list I would put the (sold-out) Beige Chiffon Sunday Dress ($40), the Jarrah Marri Dreams tank top ($37) and the Pasofino Studded Saddle Bag ($40) on it. What do you think of Ruche?