Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Email: A Texture Study

Anthropologie's latest email celebrates textures of all kinds (maybe they saw my third Forefront Scoopneck option this morning?) and I am digging many of the pieces. The Switcheroo Bag ($318) in particular is one of my current faves; though I also love the Fundamental Flats ($155). Are you all about the textures, or do you prefer smooth and seamless?


archivia said...

Love your site! I think textured soft leather is definitely beautiful. I thought the Crossover Bag on their website was a lovely example.

Marta B. said...

I love me some texture. You can have a monochromatic outfit on, but if there are different textures going on, then it makes the outfit interesting and dynamic. :-)

Down Comforter said...

I really love pieces with texture - it adds much more interest. That bag is really fab :)