Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love researching the brands that Anthropologie buys from. Recently I have been interested in Tano, maker of the Banana Cream Tote ($188) above. Every time I see the bag, I think 'I love it!' quickly followed by 'I can't justify the price for something that resembles a flattened bowling bag.'

The tote also comes in red, which I have not seen online but has popped up in the NYC Anthropologies a few times. What strikes me is the craftsmanship. The leather is tucked in the corners of the bag to create lean lines and the stitching is thick (double-sewn up by the straps). A bit of research and I found Tano's website. Read their FAQs, they're a kick!

Cruising around the bag section I found this bag, which they call the French Nanny but will be better known to Anthro fans as the Snapping Lawns Bag (was $99 on sale, currently out of stock online). During the big sale in-store I bought a very similar bag, which has the same leather color and shape but different straps. Its original price matches the Snapping Lawns Bag so I am wondering if it is the Snapping Lawns bag. Some photos:

The bag I bought is on the left.
(Steve Madden
bag on the right,
shoes at top for size

UPDATE: After combing Polyvore I realized I had this bag in my items. Anthro called it the Lichen Bag ($288) but I'm not sure what Tano called it.