Reviews: With the Sun Blouse

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know how sometimes you see a shirt on the rack and know it's not for you, but fall in love anyway? That's how it was for me with the With the Sun Blouse ($98). It's all wrong for me -- the front has vertical pleats over the bust; it hits high-hip; it has short flutter sleeves. Still I tried it on hoping that it would somehow magically look fabulous on me.

The cotton-silk material was a bit slippery to the touch. It was also slightly sheer. I grabbed both my true size 6 and a size 8. The 6 was too tight across my chest so I was glad to have the 8. The 8 was better but still not very flattering to my hourglass shape. From the back the shirt was very cute, although maybe a bit shorter than I would have liked. But from the front it was all kinds of wrong. The vertical pleats were stretched and made me look incredibly wide, while the sleeves drew the sleeve right into the muscle in my shoulder which made my arms look wide as well.

I would recommend this shirt if you have a straight, lean figure. It was not a winner for me but might be for you!