Reviews: Oblique Pencil Skirt

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Oblique Pencil Skirt ($88) is a wine color that is so rich and intoxicating that I can spot it as soon as I walk into Anthropologie's Soho store no matter where it is displayed. The website picture really doesn't do the skirt justice.

I own plenty of pencil skirts already though so this try-on was just for fun. Made of cotton, the skirt is a bit stiff/rough to the touch but I suppose you want structure out of a pencil skirt. Though the front is adorned with off-center buttons they are just for show; the skirt actually opens and closes via a back zip.

One thing I love about pencil skirts is that they are shaped like me. Tiny waist with larger opening for the hips. So for me this skirt sat nicely on my natural waist in my true size (8). However, my friend with me at Anthro hated this skirt because on her lean, straight frame in her true size (4) it sat too low on her with weird bunching around her hips.

Lengthwise the shirt hit me at the top of my knee. I tried it paired with the Baltzer's Bridle Cardigan ($118) pictured at the top of this post but the affect wasn't as pulled together on me as it was on the model. I passed on both items, though I do like the skirt. It would work well as a work foundational piece.