Reviews: Glass-Of-Bubbly Dress

Friday, January 30, 2009

One of my favorite things about Anthropologie is they're not afraid of fun! Just because I'm in my 20s doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to wear fun things anymore. (And I plan on feeling the same way in my 70s.) If I want jewels on my jean pockets...well then I'm going to Bedazzle away! If I see a kid with a cool tee on...I'm gonna look for one in my size. Adult clothing is often too boring, boring, boring. Tans and greys and simple and zzzzzzz. Nothing wrong with a classic but let's spice it up every now and then!

All of which is a really long-winded way of saying I love the Glass-of-Bubbily Dress ($178) by Floreat because it's fun! I would wear this dress on a date. I would wear this dress when I am late. I would wear this dress in a band; I would wear this dress and do a hand stand. In the sun; on the run; I would recommend this dress to anyone!

In the store I was slightly confused. I saw both the tan and blue versions of the dress and though they looked similar they felt different. Sure enough, one check of the product page reveals that the tan dress is wool while the blue one is cotton. This made the tan dress thicker but I was comfortable in both in my true size 6. I maybe could have sized down to a 4 in the blue but feared the chest would be too tight. The shoulder straps were just a bit long on the tan dress but that could easily be fixed with pinning (or maybe a different one of the same dress).

The waist detail was incredibly flattering and the soft pleats of the skirt float nicely away from the body. I felt hot in this dress! The blue cotton version was my preference and it will most likely be my first February Anthropologie purchase.