Reviews: Bai Mu Dan Skirt

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Bai Mu Dan Skirt ($118) takes its very clever name from a white tea that can only be harvested in the spring. Like the tea, the skirt has a golden shimmery hue to it along with pink accents around the waist. The cotton/viscose skirt reminded me a bit of curtains. Really nice curtains.

I was easily able to size down one size to a 6 in this skirt. The skirt sat lower on my hips than I would have expected, more on top of my hips than under my belly button. This skirt also had a lot of fun flounce to it! I freely admit to twisting around in the dressing room to see the fun effect.


The pattern on the side of the skirt is long grass stems with tiny leaves. The site product photo doesn't do a very good job of illustrating them. I found the pink patches on the back to be a bit bothersome...they are towards the side like jean pockets would be but they were clearly too high up to be over my bottom. They almost seem to taunt "here's where the muffin top is when she wears skinny jeans!" The black seam also created a weird line across my bottom and in my opinion made my butt look a bit droopy. But from the front I loved the skirt.

Online Anthropologie recommends trying the skirt with the Night Owl Tee ($98) and the Chinook Cardigan ($128) so I did. And it looked pretty silly together. But with the Labryinthe Tee (now $30) or the Leehi Shell (now $30)? Pretty sweet. I would not consider this skirt a must-have at full price, but I put it on my Wishlist for when it goes on sale.