Lucky lucky, you're so lucky

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A story I had to share: I was at the 5th Ave Anthropologie (NYC) on Thursday night after a tough day at work. You know, the kind of day that only walking through fabulous stores and pretending to buy everything can cure.

I spotted the Tano Banana Cream Tote's ($188) berry cousin from this post last week and saw that it was on sale for $70. I decided a splurge was in order. Once up at the cash register though I was already feeling guilty; I really shouldn't spend any more money this month. So mid-purchase I started to tell the SA that I'd changed my mind when she said, "Oh my goodness." What, I asked? You're never going to believe this, she said.

This bag is on sale for $9.99.

The SA asked if there were any more but I'd gotten the last one. Best $10 I've spent this week. And a nice little pick me up.