Emails: 'Twas the sale before Christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In true 12 Days of Christmas fashion Anthropologie is counting down the days before their Free Shipping on domestic orders over $200 expires. The 4 Days Left email extols the wonders of open cardigans while the 3 Days Left email cleverly points out that 'not a creature was stirring except for your mouse.'

Curiously, I am only receiving these emails in one of my accounts. I have two email accounts signed up with Anthropologie -- one that sends catalogues to my work and one that sends them home. The home account is the email I normally place orders with and it is also the account where I received these reminders. I am not sure how Anthro segments their list (or if they segment it all) but I can also attest to being dropped off of Anthro's catalogue mailing list a couple of times as well. Not sure if that is the case with my work email account.