Recycled decor

Friday, November 21, 2008

Have you ever seen something in a store and thought, 'I could have made that!'? The feeling struck me the other day upon seeing the Confetti Vase ($15) at Anthropologie. The vase (for decorative purposes only!) is made out of recycled magazines. It's a cool idea and executed well. I think I probably could make it with a lot of time and patience though the results may not be so elegant. I liked how each vase was unique based on the color scheme of the prints used.

Anthro's sister store Urban Outfitters has a slightly more intricate take on the look with its not-as-cleverly named Recycled Magazine Mirror ($52). I also saw this item in person and I must say it's pretty fantastic. From far away it has the look of random paint lines while up close the technique is revealed. It looks like the magazine pages are folded into each other to make the piece structurally intertwined. This would have looked awesome in my dorm room. If I lived in an apartment that was more than one room I would probably purchase it.