Perusing the home goods section

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Between my friends visiting from out of town and my in-town friends I hit all 3 NYC Anthropologie stores this weekend. On Saturday it was the Rockefeller Center Anthro. We were looking for small gifts -- stocking stuffers, gifts for teachers and co-workers, etc. We ended up finding a treasure trove in the home goods section.

The find I am most excited about are the Illume Boulangerie ($16/each) -- rough translation: bakery candles -- which come in four scents: vanilla & fig, sweet vanilla & cinnamin, angel food and pumpkin ginger spice pound cake. You'll have to trust me when I say these smelled amazing. Just like the descriptions to the point where I wanted to eat the angel food candle.

Another neat find were the Map Magnets ($20). The store I was at also had Paris Magnets (not online as of yet, also $20) as well as ABC Magnets ($20) and Songbird Magnets ($20). I think these will make a nice small gift for my sister the world traveler.

My last loot of the trip was courtesy of Cavallini & Co. This Italian stationery company produces some of the finest calendars, tins and notebooks I have ever seen. Anthro is carrying several Cavallini & Co. items. I picked up a 2009 New York calendar ($22) and my friend got the Joyeux Noel holiday tin collection ($12). We also browsed the suprisingly robust cookbook collection and kitchen accessories. There were also several home design books and a few coffee table/conversation starter-type books. Plenty of gifts under $40 sure to please anyone.