Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wish Anthropologie carried wedding dresses

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are from brides.com

Though I am nowhere near getting married myself I can't help but wish Anthropologie would carry wedding dresses. One of the great thing about bridal gowns is that there are so many different shapes, styles and even colors. I have no doubt that many designer gowns would fit right in with the other clothing Anthro sells. And I'd love to see wedding dress interpretations from Odille, Sleeping on Snow and my other favorite in-store brands.

I flipped through as many pages of gowns as I could take and made a slideshow of some pieces I think Anthro could carry below. Do you think wedding dresses could find a home at Anthropologie? Or is that a silly idea?


Marta B. said...

I see your idea, but I don't think that it would be a good fit for Anthro. The merchandise at Anthro is geared toward an individual girl who is a globe-trotter, artsy, whimsical and, of course, has a never-ending shopping budget ;-) (I used to work there). Having an assortment of wedding dresses just wouldn't fit that "one" person they are marketing to. Creative idea though!

The Sweet Life said...

Totally OT: but how are you able to clip images from Anthropologie to Polyvore, I have tried several times but it never works because of the flash in their images. Thanks!

Roxy said...

Hi the sweet life, I have to clip from the category pages rather than the product pages. I really hope Polyvore figures out a way to use their clipping system with flash soon!

The Sweet Life said...

Thanks so much!

Randyn said...

I agree with Mart B however I do think they could carry an online only select stock of true gowns. Some of the less formal, less expensive, and mutable frocks could be featured in the online section as well as in store. Anthropologie has a large following, and it is hard to find that type of style, or any style that does not have David's Bridal written all over it. (Oh the horror!) I AM searching and I am struggling to find a frock with some originality!

Ann Huegelmeyer said...

Well, get ready- according to this link they're lunching a wedding collection in Spring 2011:


In addition to their usual brands they will also offer vintage!!