Gorgeous! Dandelion Greens Flatware

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OK, wow. I can't say I'm usually impressed by flatware but Anthropologie really won me over with their Dandelion Greens Flatware ($24). I first saw this set at a friend's casual dinner party last week and while I admit it was a bit gauche of me I just had to know where she got them! Luckily she happily told me they were a gift from her boyfriend by way of Anthropologie. (Does he have a brother? I kid T!)

From a distance these look pretty ordinary but upon closer inspection you see that they are actually laser-etched with flower buds. I love the look. Utensils are one of those things that I've been looking to buy for the past few years but kept putting it off because nothing caught my eye. I'm not sure about the long-term durability of this set but for $24 for 5 place settings I am willing to chance it. It's ornate but isn't everything this time of year?