Monday, July 6, 2015

Investigating Anthropologie's latest new arrivals

The Alarie Dress ($298) is either really amazing, or really weird.
I can't decide which.

Summer is in full swing and with each passing day I'm a bit more in the mood for tank tops, shorts and lightweight clothing. Anthropologie is slowly uploading its newest items for this month. We've already taken a look at many of the catalogue items; now let's explore the new non-catalogue goodies!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend {Tag} Sale Open Discussion Thread

Anthropologie's semi-annual Tag Sale had a pretty big can take an extra 20% off all sale items in-store or online using the code SALEAWAY at checkout. Yesterday saw a bunch of new markdowns! If you don't know what the Tag Sale is or what it's all about, this post should help. Or just skip straight to shopping it here.

Please use this thread to discuss all things Anthropologie-related this weekend. If the Tag Sale isn't doing much for you, how about the new July catalogue items? We'll cover more new arrivals next week.

Happy 4th of July to all of my USA readers! My Hawaii vacation wraps up this weekend and I'll be back home in NYC soon. (Though if I could, I'd stay on Kauai a lot longer!)

{Weekly} Popbacks Open Thread

By request of the community comes this weekly post. Please use this post to list website popbacks that you see on your wishlist, via search engines, or in your shopping cart. Popbacks go very quickly but hopefully by having them in one place will be helpful. Please do not use this post for store sightings.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Anthropologie's Tag Sale sees new markdowns!!!

Anthropologie's Tag Sale rolls on this morning with new markdowns! If you're reading this post overnight on the East Coast, the extra 20% off sale items using the code SALEAWAY at checkout will not work until Anthro moves the newest sale items into the fresh cuts sale section, which usually happens around 9 AM ET. Until then, you can place orders and email or call customer service during business hours to request a price adjustment (PA) for the extra 20% off. (The code may start working on these newest cuts earlier, but no guarantees.)

Here are some highlights from the freshest cuts:
Andromeda Swing Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130209024200
Beaded Elefant Tank (now $70), Style No. 4110089548153
Confetti Fete Dress (now $230), Style No. 4130214201512
Coral Tree Dress (now $150), Style No. 4130200891226
Cutwork Mesh Buttondown (now $50), Style No. 4112336109866
Dancette Knit Dress (now $80), Style No. 4130204584171
Dip-Dyed Open Back Tank (now $40), Style No. 4112597151735
Gilded Rose Jacquard Maxi Skirt (now $170), Style No. 4120597095190
Harborside Wrap Skirt (now $80), Style No. 4120335960009
Island Horizon Pullover (now $60), Style No. 4112402764084
Lemonhill Brocade Dress (now $220), Style No. 4130597095120
Lustra Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130403041629
Mitered Stripe Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130335960498
Nahla Maxi Dress (now $90), Style No. 4130224211136
Peachtree Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130403041611
Poppy Stripe Petite Top (now $60), Style No. 4110403041110
Sightseer Cargo Shorts (now $40), Style No. 34781062
Verda Maxi Dress (now $100, review), Style No. 4130339188012
Verdure Shift (now $120), Style No. 4130204588800

Will you be partaking in Tag Sale goodness today? I plan to buy both the Peachtree Dress (now $100) and the Sightseer Cargo Shorts (now $40) at least. If nothing from today's sale is interesting you, perhaps the newest July items might?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Playing the {Tag} Sale Guessing Game

More markdowns are on the way tomorrow according to two well-placed tipsters. During the Tag Sale fresh cuts tend to be pretty small, so I'm not expecting too much in the way of new sale items tomorrow. However, we may see 2nd/3rd/etc cuts. Anthropologie's extra 20% off sale promo is running now so whatever cuts do come will be eligible for this additional percent off -- hooray!

If you don't know what the Tag Sale is and need more information, check out this prep post from last week. And I'm still campaigning for Anthropologie to run a full-price item promo in conjunction with this Tag Sale!

For now, what are you hoping to see marked down come tomorrow? Let's play the Tag Sale guessing game and speculate!

Eye Candy: Anthropologie July 2015 Catalogue

Anthropologie has started the slow drip of new July releases, and some catalogue preview shots for their July 2015 Lookbook have made it online! Update: You can see the entire July 2015 lookbook hereIt's nice to see more summery stuff (hard to believe but the August catalogue will turn its eye towards fall already). I love the look of many of these shots and I did add a few items to my wishlist. Let's peek at some more images inside...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Shop Anthropologie's July new arrivals first!!

Aloha from the calm northern shores of Kauai, where it's 6 AM and I was just about to head out on my morning run around Princeville (you can share some of my adventures via my Instagram!) when I noticed this first dibs email from Anthropologie featuring July's new arrivals!

These arrivals aren't yet available to the general public online, though I'm pretty sure I'd seen at least a couple of these things in stores before heading over to the Hawaiian islands. (I'll be visiting Anthro's new store on Oahu, its first in Hawaii, late this week!) Interestingly, while the last few pre-shops have been several pages long this one is just one lonely page that's pretty short. Not sure what's Anthropologie's thought behind that is, though based on what I'd seen in-store I am very excited to see the rest of July's new arrivals.

From the page, here's what I'm digging: the Mira Tank ($78) and the Vivi Lace Tank ($88) of course, because I'm enamored with nearly every white tank in existence; the Guilhermina Rattler Wrap-Around Flats ($188) -- I love this lace-up style; the Embroiderd Chaparral Tunic ($98) which looks like the perfect top to throw on over a pair of shorts or a simple slipdress; and the Strands Cuff ($38) seems to be a less expensive version of the fine jewelry I've been drooling over on Anthro's site recently. Check out all the pre-shop items for yourself here. Thoughts?

In other new arrivals goodness, since I've now seen a few conversations about it in the comments, I wanted to mention that there is a new colorway of Byron Lars' GORGEOUS Laced Peplum Jacket ($228) in stores...has not hit the website yet. I'm guessing it will be online at the same time as the new catalogue shots. I purchased the new black/white version about a week and a half ago now and I can't wait to wear it. It ran TTS for me (I am an 8 in jackets) though note that the waist is very cinched so if you are an apple shape you may need to size up. Can't wait til the pretty new version is online for all to see!

In Tag Sale news...well there really isn't much to update you with at this time. The extra 20% off sale promotion continues (details here)...there's no free shipping to speak of (though there rarely is during Tag Sale time) and so far Anthropologie has not heeded our call for a promo on new items either. I'm not sure what will happen this week since the extra 20% off sale hit a week earlier than it usually does; but this seems to bode well for possible additional cuts before the Tag Sale ends. If you're wondering what a Tag Sale even is, check out this post.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Anthropologie's {Tag} Sale goes on sale!!!

Aloha! I'm waking up to news from Hawaii that you may already know -- Anthropologie's sale has just gone an extra 20% off! Use the code SALEAWAY at checkout. The Tag Sale continues to chug away...will you partake in this extra % off?

Some quick picks from my wishlist: the Peony Garden Dress ($120 before the discount), the Glenzie Turban ($20 before discount -- I've been wearing the red motif version a lot in Hawaii!), the Prairie Blossom Peasant Blouse ($60 before discount), the Bellflower Linen Tunic ($90 before discount), the Ranunculus Bloom Shorts ($60 before discount) and the Lace-Veiled Pencil Skirt ($90 before disocunt).